Solutions and Technology


Wi-Fi coverage in industrial and logistics sectors presents presents specific critical issues and and often results inefficient because of the limits due to obstacles, interferences and weak performances of the whole system.  

The solution provided by Kymata solves these problems with professional products and designs reliable and competitive Wi-Fi systems.

Coverage with conventional architecture

The presence of obstacles, such as shelving or production lines, compromises the performance of Wi-Fi networks designed with a traditional architecture. The result is an uneven and inconsistent coverage. 

Wi-Fi coverage with Kymata technology

The geometry and dimensions of the Kymata antenna
allow widespread and effective radio coverage as well as a reduction in the number of cells even in critical environments.

Signal spread with conventional architecture

The power of the Wi-Fi signal is stronger closer to the Access Point and decreases significantly as you move away from the Access Point. This makes the coverage of an area uneven and inconsistent.

Signal diffusion with Kymata technology

Kymata technology, with a lower number of Access Points, allows an extremely widespread and effective distribution of the Wi-Fi signal at every point of the covered area.

Power consumption with conventional architecture


A typical logistics or industrial environment requires dozens of Access Points to achieve homogeneous Wi-Fi coverage, which results in proportional energy costs, often high.

Energy consumption with Kymata technology

Kymata technology represents a green choice that guarantees savings on electricity consumption of network infrastructures of up to 70%.